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Summer Spring 2020


Botanical Garden - Summer Spring 2020

Our first collection, called “Botanical Garden”, was built to celebrate a connection between sisters and best friends who are unified through their collective optimism, artistic choices and a fond memory of their childhood together. We give them art to wear while they tell their own stories; dressed in a stream of consciousness yet unabashedly free.
There is a spontaneity in the outfits as the prints focus on an element of surprise of hyper hues and doodled floral which feel like a modern camouflage, telling a story of scattered technicolor botanical seen through the eyes of children. Our women feel easy wearing graphic printed silk dresses where the silhouettes are fuss free and season-less. An emphasis on our botany bubble dress has free-form waves that flares at the hem springs playful movement and utter femininity. 
Whimsical array of curves are seen throughout the collection where new shapes are pushed in pieces like the waverly seams in our washed out navy denim jeans, back yoke of the box jacket and the sleeveless utility vest. As well as on the mesmerizing sequins evening dress. Different variations of bell and puffy sleeves inspire our indie woman, who has choices and silhouettes give her a sense of freedom.   
The color is a tool to surprise and enjoy in this summer collection. Unexpected pops of mint, lemon & oranges, hints of purple and pinky hues and a blend of ocean blue & deep sea navy create the palette. The saturated periwinkle shades, tangerine tulips and sunflower yellows is condensed into our wildflower dresses and sunflower t-shirts. Setting a 60's psychedelic mood for our free spirited woman.
 Doppelgänger Design shows a great mixtures of textiles and fabric in complementary outfits.  Featherweight mint organza is seen in a sartorial box jacket looking great whether paired with a sequin skirt or denim jeans. Satin silks make a bold statement with the offset of chaotic prints with feminine bodice and frilled neckline. Our pure cotton tees have a new staple quality worn with vibrancy  and elements of minimal embroidery; also seen on the back pocket of our waverly jeans.


We wanted as a label to create some functionality in some of our pieces so the woman has a sense of adjust-ability and comfort. Whether it be the pull-up drawstrings around the waist in our satin blouse, printed dresses or vest. There's an emphasis on the crisp cargo pockets on the vest with zip detail and lanyards. White translucent buttons are seen in our Botanical jacket and Gardenia blouse with purpose. One can find wearable and statement pieces for the summer. Our woman will always be ready on the go whether its a picnic at a park, a coffee run or night out with friends.